Treatment Orthotics and Gait Analysis from your Camberwell and Templestowe Podiatrist

Chronic foot pain effects a large number of Australians. From a mild irritation to a major injury limiting mobility. No matter the root cause, your Camberwell and Templestowe Podiatrist at Adept Podiatry can diagnose the root cause, by carefully analysing your walking pattern or gait, through thorough biomechanical assessment.

Quite often, foot pain is the result of overuse of particular anatomical structures, whether muscle joint or bone, as a result of poor training habits, or poor structural alignment and posture. This may include bony abnormality, inflexible joints or stiff muscles. These issues can be impossible diagnose on our own. It takes a trained eye of a professional to enable properly diagnose the issue.
A biomechanical assessment from your podiatrist in Camberwell will involve a close inspection of your walking pattern. Any areas of particular wear on your shoes will be noted, while your joints – from the feet to the hips – are closely watched. Your muscle strength and flexibility is also examined. In some cases, diagnostic imaging may be necessary to confirm a diagnosis before treatment is implemented.
If abnormalities are noted in your gait, Dr. Peter Moate may utilise custom orthotics to address these issues. These devices target your specific biomechanical issue, and over time, they can dramatically relieve pain by off-loading injured joints, tendons or muscles, by limiting or slowing abnormal motion or forces. He may recommend training or loading modifications, or even start you on a gait retraining regime. Peter Moate has vast experience in this area of Podiatry, having been recognised with Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine.
These treatment methods can truly target the root cause of chronic foot pain, and offer a non-invasive effective long term solution to injuries such as tendonitis or easing the pain of arthritis. A proper biomechanical assessment, from a qualified podiatrist, can get to the root of the issue, and can provide lasting solutions to everything from heel pain or arch pain such as plantar fasciitis, or chronic ankle pain, shin pain and knee issues.
If you’re struggling with chronic foot pain, Adept Podiatry in Camberwell and Templestowe can take care of you. Contact us today and move with ease.