Your Camberwell Sports Podiatrist on Back Pain

As your Camberwell Podiatrist, we see no shortage of foot and lower leg problems. The variety of problems treated at both our practices are vast. This region of your body is constantly in use, and the repercussions for your holistic health can be numerous when an injury develops.

The link between your feet and general posture, including your back, is well-established. Pain in your lower legs and your feet often results in your body attempting to accommodate for the discomfort, effecting your stance, walking gait, or posture. This places you at risk of secondary injury further up the body.
It is therefore very important to tackle foot and lower leg problems as soon as they are detected. If they are allowed to continue for lengthy periods, they can lead to chronic issues, as habits become more entrenched in your movement.
As your Camberwell sports Podiatrist, we at Adept Podiatry are able to provide comprehensive treatment. We offer a full range of both prefabricated and custom bespoke Orthotics, often prescribed in conjunction with tailored stretch and strengthening training regimes or gait retraining.
When prescribing custom orthotics, we utilise on site 3D scanning technology, and work closely with a world class Melbourne based manufacturing laboratory. This helps ensure perfect fit and truly targeted biomechanical intervention, to promote more efficient gait and posture.
Not all orthotics are created based on as much experience and care. A poorly fitted orthotic is likely to create further problems. Engaging an experienced and recognised sports podiatrist in Camberwell makes sense.
At Adept Podiatry, our knowledge and experience allows us to provide comprehensive care for our patients, and in so doing, we strive to improve their quality of life.
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