Your Sports Podiatrist in Camberwell and Templestowe | Jogging and Distance Running

Running is one of the most basic methods of exercise. It is simple, effective, and can enable rapid weight loss, strength and cardiovascular fitness gains. Taking up running needs to be done cautiously however.


Running multiplies the forces applied to your feet by your body weight many times, this includes huge loading of tendons, joints and the bones of the feet and legs.


Taking on too much running too soon, poor choice of running shoes and/or underlying biomechanical issues can lead to serious foot problems. Foot, ankle or knee injuries can then lead to a longer layoff, with the knock-on health impacts of inactivity and weight gain as you take time off to recover.


At Adept Podiatry, we treat broad range of athletes. Here is what we recommend.

Don’t Skimp on Your Shoes

Good running shoes are a worthwhile investment. Typically, the cushioning quality of your shoes will begin to be significantly affected after 1000 kilometres. Review your shoes regularly depending on your weekly running load. Get fitted by a reputable supplier, and try to avoid online bargains.


Keep your lower limbs flexible! Ensure that you don’t skip out on stretching your feet and ankles. It can help prevent small knots or tears from developing in your soft tissue. Make it an integral part of your warming up and down routine.

Get a Gait Analysis

By examining your walk and your run, Adept Podiatry can determine if there are physical problems, either structural of functional that may be interfering with your most efficient running motion potential. Over time, bad habits or compensations for structural abnormality, or poor gait patterns associated with muscular imbalance can lead to tissue stress overload and lower limb injury.


The feet are the foundation of our posture and are integral in determining the transmission of powerful ground reaction forces up the bodies kinetic chain. Injury not just of the feet or ankles, but of your knees, hips, or even your back can be associated with poor foot posture.


By identifying the problem at its source, you can help prevent injury.


Adept Podiatry will provide careful assessment prior to initiating treatment regimes including progressive strength training exercises, stretching, and when necessary custom orthotics or carefully selected off the shelf orthotics.


At Adept Podiatry, we are your sports podiatrist for Camberwell and Templestowe, and can help you to stay on your feet. Contact us today.