Breakthrough treatment for Warts

Caused by the Human Papilloma virus, Warts, Papilloma or Verruca, are painful lesions that commonly affect the skin of the feet, particularly on the soles of the feet. Easily spread between people and to other areas of the body, warts have evolved to effectively evade the human body’s immune system. As a result, your podiatrist for Camberwell and Templestowe Lower at Adept Podiatry has adopted a number of methods of help out sufferers of warts.


Diagnosis can often be delayed if Warts have been confused with callouses or corns due to a build of overlying hard skin. They can be small or grow into large painful lesions, sometimes even clusters of lesions called Mosiac Warts. Warts can cause considerable pain depending on their location, and can remain a real problem for patients, sometimes for years.


How can we get rid of them?


Traditionally, wart treatment involves trimming overlying skin and then killing the infected tissue by means of chemical or freezing techniques. At Adept Podiatry Camberwell, and Adept’s Templestowe Podiatry clinic, we now offer an exciting breakthrough treatment for stubborn Verruca.


Microwave therapy


The new targeted microwave therapy, utilising the Swift Microwave Therapy radio frequency emblation unit, has recently been developed in the UK, and has demonstrated a high level of efficacy. Presented most recently in the European Journal of Dermatology, it has been proven more effective that traditional freezing or cryotherapy treatments, in particular for stubborn lesions resistant to previous traditional treatments.



The treatment is proving very useful for treating not only more stubborn recalcitrant lesion in adults, but also for children, due to its consistency, convenient fast treatments, and painless post-treatment recovery. This last point of difference is perhaps the most important, as traditional destructive treatments often lead to significant residual pain between treatments.


This treatment focuses on immune system modulation rather than destructive treatments. Focused microwaves are emitted into the affected skin to a predetermined depth. This triggers a process known as heat shock within the skin cells causing the tissue to release proteins into the circulatory system, allowing the immune system to recognise the infected tissues and triggering an immune response. The skin cells then begin to cure themselves through regeneration over a few months.


Only monthly application of Swift is required and most lesions respond within 3 treatments. Clean, focused, and highly efficient, Adept Podiatry in Camberwell and Templestowe Lower are pleased to offer this new treatment option for our patients.


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