Your Camberwell and Templestowe Podiatrist and Proper Lacing

No two feet are alike, and some shoes can fit one person well, while being terribly uncomfortable for the next.
Hammer toes, fallen or high arches, bone spurs, thinning of the natural padding under the feet and many more problems can create pressure points within a shoe.

These issues are often exacerbated by tight-fitting women’s shoes such as court shoes, high heels or even ballet flats.
Adept Podiatry can help If you require advice and treatment from an experienced podiatrist in Camberwell and Templestowe.
For athletic shoes, different lacing methods that can be employed to ease the pressure on certain areas of your feet. If you are experiencing tightness over the top of your feet, perhaps associated with bone spurs, arthritis or tendon irritation, try spacing out the lacing, using only every other hole. Horizontal lacing has been suggested as being helpful for those of us struggling with wide feet.
If heel pain has been bothering you, it can help to tighten up your laces as close to the heel as possible, thus reducing heel slippage and boosting the supportive effect of the shoe’s structural stiffness – as counter-intuitive as this sounds for heel pain – while loosening the toe box.
Orthotics, courtesy of your Camberwell and Templestowe podiatrist at Adept Podiatry are often used to improve foot posture, and as such can reduce associated shoe pressure. After proper biomechanical assessment and gait analysis, we can prescribe appropriate orthotics to ensure that your feet function as effectively as possible, helping to prevent injury or recover from injury faster.
We can provide footwear advice and can source extra depth footwear, or extra width footwear for troublesome feet if required.
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